Besides being a philosopher, I am also a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I have been recording my own songs on a simple 8-track home studio device since I was 15. Some of the more recent materials are available on Spotify, under the pseudonym ”Professor Coleslaw and the Golden Beets”. I write and record all songs myself, using the following instruments (roughly in order of prominence):

Bass guitar
Banjo 5-string (clawhammer)
Banjo 4-string (Irish)
bongo’s & other Latin percussion instruments
Jaw Harp
Blues Harp

Lyrics to the published songs (on Spotify) can be found below. The album ”Songs 2007/2011” consists of re-recordings produced mostly in 2017; they are composed and mixed to sound like the originals (which were of poorer quality), and lyrics have not been changed. The other albums contain songs both written and recorded in the period indicated.

Lyrics to Album ”Songs 2007-2011”
Lyrics to Album ”Songs 2015-2017”
Lyrics to Album ”Songs 2018-2019”

You can listen to my published songs on Spotify; the third album is yet to be published:




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