My Music

Besides being a philosopher, I am also a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I have been recording my own songs on a simple 8-track home studio device since I was 14. Some of the more recent materials are available on Spotify and iTunes (my first name ”Corijn” is my artist name). In my recordings I use the following instruments:

Guitars, vocals, bass guitar, 5-string banjo (clawhammer), piano, 4-string banjo (Irish), bongo’s & other Latin percussion instruments, washboard, ukulele, kazoo, glockenspiel, jaw harp, blues harp, flute.

Lyrics to the published songs can be found below.

Lyrics to album ”The Shepherd” – Songs 2007-2011
Lyrics to album Come with Alfa ”Come with Alfa” – Songs 2015-2017
Lyrics to album Track of Liberation ”Track of Liberation” – Songs 2018-2019

The album ”The Shepherd” consists of songs written between 2007/2011 (most of them when I was 17-19). I re-recorded the first half of this album in 2019, and the second half in 2017. These songs are composed and mixed to sound like the originals (which were of poorer quality), and lyrics have not been changed (I even kept the English mistakes).

The other two albums (”Come with Alfa” and ”Track of Liberation”) contain songs both written and recorded in the period indicated.

During the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was in quarantine in a wooden cabin near the sea in the North of the Netherlands (‘het Waddengebied’). Here I wrote and recorded 10 short ukulele songs, which are published online on YouTube and Spotify. These are recorded outside, and you can hear various birds chirping in the background.

I am currently working on my first Dutch album. Two singles (”Jij en Ik” en ”Notenboom”) have been published online.

Most of my songs can be found on Spotify and iTunes (”Corijn”).

I post regular music videos on my Instagram account.