Corijn van Mazijk

Philosophy: a brief overview
I finished my research master in philosophy in 2013 (cum laude), and received my PhD in philosophy (a double degree) from KU Leuven (Belgium) and University of Groningen (Netherlands) in 2017 for a dissertation about Edmund Husserl.

I am currently assistant professor at the University of Groningen. Over the past years, I have also been affiliated with Copenhagen University Center for Subjectivity Research (2015), Boston University (2016), UC Berkeley (2018), Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (2018), and Prague University (2019).

My teaching and research focuses on some of the major figures of 18th-20th century European philosophy. My main interests lie with the theoretical philosophy of Immanuel Kant and Edmund Husserl, also in relation to contemporary philosophy of mind and perception. Some of my work appeared in Continental Philosophy Review, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Human StudiesCanadian Journal of Philosophy, Southern Journal of Philosophy, and International Journal of Philosophical Studies, among others.

My book Perception and Reality in Kant, Husserl, and McDowell was published by Routledge (London, New York 2020). It mainly deals with philosophical questions concerning our perceptual access to reality (see the link above for more information).

I am currently working on De Fenomenologische Traditiea Dutch introduction to the phenomenological tradition (Boom Uitgeverij).

My music on spotify
I am also an active (solo) musician. Some of my music, recorded on a simple eight-track home studio, is available on Spotify (Corijn). I record all instruments myself (songs are written by me; see the link above for more information).